Website is a necessity.

A good website is a challenge

- choose online web-page editor uniCMS and distinguish your website

We do not need to convince you that nowadays without a website it would be difficult to run a business. Our goal is different: we want to prompt you how to easily arrange IT resources for your website so that your website be always up-to-date and visitor-friendly.

UniCMS is a unique content management system. With just a few clicks you can create your own website – and all that without any knowledge of programming. Discover the possibilities of uniCMS:

  • Choose and tailor the elements you need.
    Thanks to that the creation of a website is simple as doing puzzles. The only difference is that in uniCMS all elements fit together - regardless of how will you arrange them.
  • Create a website with over 20 elements and several animations
    . This is the best way to have a unique and exceptional website. With subtle animations you will show off the most important content.
  • Use a routing tool.
    A virtual map with ActiveMap technology makes it possible for your customers to determine the access route to the company’s seat or its agecies.
  • Add a contact form.
    The fields of the form can be selected freely and the system will automatically protect the generated script from spammers.
  • Add photo galleries.
    Use gallery templates and manage even hundreds of photos. For more effective presentation of your gallery you can add an animated slideshow. Share your website on mobile devices. Do it without extra work - uniCMS encodes your website in such a way that it can be comfortably viewed on devices such as smartphones, tablets or mobile phones.
  • Share your website on mobile devices.
    Do it without extra work - uniCMS encodes your website in such a way that it can be comfortably viewed on devices such as smartphones, tablets or mobile phones.
  • Increase the chance for successful search engine optimization
    Websites created on the basis of uniCMS are generated in such a way so as to ensure top positions in search engines.

Gain access

to functions that will make your website easier and more convenient for you and your customers

If running your own website seems to be a time-consuming and difficult duty, with uniCMS you will find that website management can be very easy. The times when website administration service was entrusted only to IT "guru" has already gone!

uniCMS is really a set of easy-to-use components, by means of which you can create your own website. Using this system is like doing puzzles, except that here each item fits another one. The way you build your website depends only on your imagination and creativity.

Create a brilliant and modern graphic design without any effort

Dopasowana do Twojego biznesu
Dopasowana do Twojego biznesu

Dopasowana do Twojego biznesu

Take advantage of ready-made templates and tailor them to your needs. You have an impact on the layout of all the elements of the website. What is more you can add your own pictures. As a result you get a unique effect.

The look of your website can be selected from different graphic styles, which are categorized by sectors. On each page you can put as many types of elements as you want: photos, galleries, tables, lists, customer’s opinions, forms, and even maps. The ideal layout of your website can be set with "drag and drop" method.

In addition – at any time you can always ask our Web Designers for expert tips and advice on the look of the website.

Enhance the first impression

with uniCMS - the best online web-page editor

A human eye detects every movement, even the smallest one. Therefore, the best way to highlight important content will be subtle and unobtrusive animations. They are presented in a marvelous way in larger galleries, turning a series of photos into an elegant presentation. However, you can also use them to create a fashionable and animated banner on the main website.

The uniCMS panel contains the latest tools such as Gallery Manager to make photo gallery management ergonomic and easy - even if the gallery itself is very complex.

What are the other ways of making your website more attractive?

The features that can be very helpful are:

Technologia ActiveMap

ActiveMap technology.

With this technology you will add to your website an attractive and extremely comfortable virtual map. Note! ActiveMap is not a flat image but an interactive map with the possibility of establishing a route to your office. If you have agencies or branch offices enter all the addresses in the website management panel and the system will automatically mark all of them on the map.

From now on you will never have to explain to your customer how to get to your office or risk that unreliable GPS system will direct him to a wrong place.

Dowolnie rozbudowany formularz kontaktowy

Customized contact form.

Simply indicate what fields the contact form should have and uniCMS will generate them automatically. In addition, you get a spam protection system – thanks to the Captcha technology.

The contact form makes it possible to contact your company at any time of day or night. Your customer can send a message when he finds your website – there is no risk that he will close your website and lose the address. This means for you that no important enquiry or an interesting proposal of cooperation will be missed.

Ankieta do zbierania opinii

Opinion form.

This form can be created using the same tool as for the generation of a contact form: Form Editor.

Use the opinion for to gather information about your website and opinions of users. A simple poll does not take much time, therefore many people will want to share their opinion with you.

Remember about positioning

The first step to effective high-position website optimization in search results has been done for you. The website created with uniCMS is automatically prepared for positioning. Appropriate website optimization in search engines (Search Engine Optimization) is a key element making it possible to achieve an advantage over your competition.

uniCMS has a built-in unique feature of website optimization, which aims to achieve high positions of your website in search engine ratings.

Dowolnie rozbudowany formularz kontaktowy

See what our customers say about uniCMS

Przemysław Skibiński
The uniCMS system is a perfect tool for website management. With this system it is possible to easily and quickly inform our club members about new products or current promotions as well as reach new customers. What is noteworthy is a great graphic design and integration with social networking sites
Przemysław Skibiński Marketing and Sales Director at Centrum Formy club.

Create a website for your business you always dreamed of

Nowadays, you do not need to be a specialist to create a website. It is enough to use a tool prepared by specialists – to make it possible for you to create and update the website you need without any problems. Furthermore, if you need advice you can always ask our Technical Support for help

Click BUY NOW and order uniCMS system. The system will be implemented by our specialist and you will be receiving up-to-date information on the status of the order.

  • 3-month package
  • 29 £ *per month
  • Access to free updates
  • No limits of subpages
  • Modification of the website design *1
  • 12-month package
  • 19 £ *per month
  • Access to free updates
  • No limits of subpages
  • Modification of the website design *1
  • 6-month package
  • 24 £ *per month
  • Access to free updates
  • No limits of subpages
  • Modification of the website design *1

* - net price.

*1 – the possibility of an optional tailoring of your website design to your individual requirements (one-time payment in the amount of 499 £ net)

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