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from 384 £ net per year

Running an online store and building a network of partner stores can be simple! Your greatest ally in online trade is a well-designed online store that will automatically perform many tasks for you.

UniCOMMERCE is an advanced online store with modules. You decide on your own whether you want to use it only for running your own store or to use it to build a sales network:

  • You easily manage orders and products.
    With intuitive tools, both the handling of orders and adding products to the store can be easy for you just from the very beginning. UniCOMMERCE automates the process of performing tasks associated with the handling of orders: issuing invoices, sending notifications and managing payments.
  • You can freely choose the layout of your store.
    You can choose from several templates, which are prepared by professional graphic designers. You can also order an individual graphic template from us, which is designed from the very beginning for your service.
  • You use electronic payments.
    UniCOMMERCE is connected to the two largest and most trusted electronic payment services: PayPal and payU.
  • You automatically put up auctions
    The integration of uniCOMMERCE with online auctions is possible thanks to the additional uniAUCTION module. It automatically gets data from the store and puts up products on the auction in the graphic template set by you.
  • You automate collaboration with business partners.
    With uniSTORE module your shop automatically sends to your uniCOMMERCE partner shops a list of new products, price lists, descriptions and other useful information. We made every effort to make data swapping a fully safe process.
  • You optimize your store much more quickly.
    uniCOMMERCE is also designed for website optimization. A clear design makes it easier for indexing services to access the content which should be indexed. This helps you increase the position of your store on the Internet.

Match the shop to your business

How to change a store into a chain of stores or wholesale store to earn more effectively?

As the owner of the online store you only earn money from the sale of goods in this one store. The income can satisfy you but what if you could easily increase it... ? A few shops are still your own network, which you need to control. There is another solution: a wholesale store.

By changing your own online store into a wholesale store you can increase your sales much more faster. In this case searching customers for your products does not involve you alone but also the owners of all the partner stores cooperating with you.

Development of a distribution network based on your wholesale store is made possible with the uniSTORE module. Thanks to it:

You can connect with your uniCOMMERCE wholesale store.

Your business partners will be automatically receiving any updates of the offer. Instead of manually entering new products, they will get ready data directly to their stores.

You carefully determine which data your wholesale store sends to customers.

Depending on the nature of your collaboration, distributors can receive all the news or just selected products or categories.

You provide much more than price lists and product names

Your wholesale store makes graphics, product photos, videos and descriptions, which you add to your website, available to related stores. Data sharing includes also the methods of delivery and VAT rates.

It is easier for you to acquire new people to work with.

Building a network of partner stores is much simpler if, at the beginning, you provide your business partners with the entire database on the range of products.

Your partner stores remain autonomous.

The owners of the stores may freely change the descriptions, illustrations, etc. delivered by you in order to distinguish their products. They can also sell products from other wholesale stores and take from you only the data which concerns your scope of cooperation.

You manage contacts with any number of stores.

To add a new partner store you enter it into the administration panel and specify which products and services are to be distributed by it and at what price. Now, it is enough to click on the sync button and within a few seconds your business partner’s store will be full of your goods.

You make the stock available to your partners.

A distributor can decide whether it wants to run its own wholesale store or it will be base on the stock levels from your online store. This solution makes it possible to ensure correctness of the data on the stock all the time.

Do you want to reap the benefits of online auctions?

A może chcesz czerpać zyski także z aukcji internetowych?

Auction portals are the best source of acquiring customers because this is the place where everyone starts searching for the products they need (for the first time). The more auctions you put up, the easier it is to find your offers among thousands of others.

The optional uniAUCTION module was designed to make it possible for you to move a detailed description of your products from your store to the auction, including the conditions of sales, delivery and payment methods.

Provide special presentation of premium products

In uniCOMMERCE you can create a separate website for the presentation of products, which differ significantly from other products from your offer: they are unusual, more luxurious and available in many variants. Simply use the uniCMS module and within a few minutes you will create an additional website presenting your premium products.

Always have functions that you use

use most often within arm’s length

uniCOMMERCE is an online store which is friendly not only for buyers but also for you – and you are the person who manages the sales "on the other side of the screen". The administration panel of the store was designed based on long and complex tests to make sure that every function can be easily found. As a result, we have created a solution that immediately suggests you how to handle daily tasks associated with the maintenance of your e-business.

Functions that facilitate daily work.

Order Management

is the heart of your online store. All processes and forms required for placing of orders have already been implemented, so you can use them immediately after running your store.

We made every effort to make the process of ordering goods transparent and intuitive for both the customer and the administrator of the store. With automatically generated invoices and notifications, sent by e-mail, the store takes even those tasks that previously had to be done manually.

Zarządzanie zamówieniami

Product Management

Zarządzanie produktami

uniCOMMERCE makes it possible for you to create categories and subcategories of products. You can add a unique description, list of features and photos to each item added to your store.

You can easily copy and move products between categories, as well as add several identical goods to the store. Thanks to this it is possible to prepare product descriptions much more faster: you just duplicate the same product and make changes to its description. Use also the option of product connection, for example, in the form of hints “We also recommend”.

uniCOMMERCE contains many additional features that strongly facilitates sales management. Photo galleries and advertising videos encourage consumers to do the shopping. Moreover, the handling of different VAT rates and constant control over the inventory will help you manage the sales.

Electronic payments

cwhich is the fastest way to pay for the goods ordered. The uniCOMMERCE module was integrated with the most popular online payment systems - Paypal and Payu. Instant booking of payments allows you to reduce the time waiting for the shipment of products to minimum. Fast shipping is a strong asset - use it!


Choosing the method of delivery

Dopasowane metody dostawy

Your customers will be able to choose the method of shipping. The uniCOMMERCE system allows you to define multiple forms of shipping, depending both on the number of products and their weight. However, regardless of the weight and the amount you can assign specific delivery methods to products that must be transported under special conditions.

Newsletter system

which is a tool used for one of the most effective forms of advertising. By using this system, you can send newsletters to your clients with information about promotions, sales and new products.

System newsletterów

Loyalty programme

Program lojalnościowy

to appreciate the best customers. Loyal buyers are very valuable for your store. Thanks to the loyalty programme you can honour them and also effectively encourage them to make additional purchases.

Discount codes

because everyone loves discounts. The function of discount codes can generate a lot of unique codes that entitle customers to discounts (percentage or cash discounts).

Kody rabatowe

Map of stationary stores or collection points

Mapa punktów stacjonarnych

which is something for those who need to touch before buying. For many people, personal collection is also an opportunity to reduce shipping costs. With the automatically generated map what you need to do it to give addresses only - uniCOMMERCE will mark them on the map automatically.


to make it possible for you to sell abroad. The built-in translation system allows you to create multiple language versions f the store. Thanks to this the descriptions in your store can be understood by foreigners, and you can start selling in foreign markets.

Wersje językowe

Mobile store

Mobilna wersja strony

designed especially for the users of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. The uniCOMMERCE store is fully integrated with the "normal" store and all the changes made in the administration panel will also be visible on your smartphone or tablet. We made every effort to make sure that uniCOMMERCE mobile stores look good on small screens of mobile devices.


achieve top positions in search engines! Your store must be visible on the Internet to bring profits and make money effectively. Therefore, uniCMS and uniCOMMERCE were designed so that search engines could index your store and website quickly and in a better way, making it possible for your customers to find you in the shortest possible time.

SEO optymalizacja dla wyszukiwarek internetowych

Let’s start immediately

It is sometimes a good idea to use the simplest way in online trade. When uniCOMMERCE automates the process of handling customer orders and cooperation with partner shops, you will be able to work on the most important things: the strategy and the future of your store.

Click BUY NOW and order uniCOMMERCE system. The system will be implemented by our specialist and you will be receiving up-to-date information on the status of the order.

  • 3-month package
  • 46 £ *per month
  • Ready premium layout
  • Access to free updates
  • No product limits
  • Store modification possibility *1
  • 12-month package
  • 32 £ *per month
  • Ready premium layout
  • Access to free updates
  • No product limits
  • Store modification possibility *1
  • 6-month package
  • 37 £ *per month
  • Ready premium layout
  • Access to free updates
  • No product limits
  • Store modification possibility *1

*- net price.

*1 – the possibility of an optional tailoring of the layout of the online store to your requirements (one-off payment in the amount of 485 £ net)

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