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Ergonomic and simple customer relation management with mass-mailing service

Create a flawless Customer Relationship System

give the customer the feeling that your company is working only for him

Many companies spend money on acquiring new customers all the time. But you know that you can gain much more if you encourage your customers to be regular clients in your company. Effective Customer Service System - based on uniCRM - supports you to a much greater extent than you think.

uniCRM is a an online customer relationship management system. You can use it regardless of whether you run a small business or a large enterprise with many branches across the country. With the help of uniCRM:

  • You create a customer database.
    The system can be used for the sale of products and services to retail customers, as well as in collaboration with other companies. Data storage is, however, only a basis of the system.
  • You build and sustain relationships.
    With carefully documented history of cooperation you can positively surprise every caller and always accurately tailor the offer to his needs.
  • You gain a professional image.
    Customers always expect that the tradesman will have a great knowledge on their status. In uniCRM your tradesman can see all contracts, offers, and products associated with the given customer.
  • You automatically match offers.
    This is one of the most important functions of uniCRM. The system tells you what offers and products are worth being suggested to customers. Your tradesmen will receive individual instructions for each customer.
  • You use the features of mass-mailing.
    Tools for mailings contain advanced targeting options. Thanks to this an email looks like it was directed individually to the recipient.
  • You conduct meeting and task calendars.
    Good organization accelerates and facilitates the work of the whole company - regardless of whether you prepare a plan for a single office or for several offices throughout the country.
  • You use an intuitive system.
    We made every effort to ensure intuitive use of uniCRM - even for people with little computer knowledge. The system is so convenient that using it becomes soon quite natural for you.

How to increase business profits

by a well-organized Customer Service?

Some tradesmen have a natural talent for establishing relationships with customers. However, thanks to uniCRM you can guarantee that the skills of the best traders will become a standard feature in your company.

Here are examples of situations where uniCRM can help you:

Jak zwiększyć zyski firmy
  • A customer wants to buy again a product that he purchased some time ago. The tradesman quickly checks the product in the system and accepts the order from the customer.
  • You want to sell to customers the offers that match the theme of their previous purchase. uniCRM automatically analyzes customer profiles and suggests what kind of offers should be recommended to them. This gives you a greater chance that the recipient will be interested in your offer.
  • You promised the customer that he will be granted a discount when placing subsequent order. The appropriate information in the system will inform tradesmen about the discount when preparing the offer.
  • Your offer is diversified. You know that among customers are people who are looking for specific products. Use precise mass-mailing targeting to send the offer only to those customers who are likely to be interested in it. As a result you will increase your sales.
  • You get a complaint about a product. It is always a serious situation for your relationships with the customer. Entries in uniCRM (including the documents assigned to a particular customer) will make it possible for you to quickly react and consider the complaint.

uniCRM can automatically connect with your other tools of the uniPANEL platform: uniLEARNING, UniCOMMERCE and uniLISA. People who place an order for an online course or buy a product in the online store can be automatically added to the customer database - without any effort on your part.

Discover the possibilities of remarketing

If a customer placed an order once there are chances that he will come back again to purchase other products. You can be faster and show the customer the offer he may need. This marketing strategy is called remarketing.

The ability of selling again new products to customers has required excellent sales skills so far. uniCRM allows you to automate the process of matching the offer to the customer's needs through advanced and intelligent algorithms. They reach the statistics of your uniCOMMERCE online store and the platform with courses, as well as examine sales statistics of your online courses from the uniLEARNING system.

A precise offer is a greater chance for sales and greater trust of customers who have a sense that the company cares about their needs.

Show customers that your company is for them

Nobody likes to feel like one of the thousands of entries in your mailing database. Customers completely ignore the offers sent to them automatically but appreciate any individual actions.

Of course, a database with few hundred entries makes it impossible for you to establish a contact with former customers. A lot of databases have even hundreds of thousands of entries. With uniCRM the recipients of you advertisements will know that the information sent to them is prepared just for them. Thanks to the system each user of the e-mail addresses can be a satisfied customer:

  • Use categorization. Divide customers into groups according to interests and send mailings by group. Each e-mail can be categorized according to its own key and then create message templates for each of the groups.
  • Personalize your emails. Assign the following data to the address: name, surname or company’s name. When you send mailing, the appropriate fields in the body of the message will be automatically filled in with this data. As a result, your potential customer will get a message written in such a way as if it was addressed directly to him.

Here are the elements of your competitive advantage

History of contact

History of contact with the customer provides access to full information on correspondence, results of phone conversations, the course of business meetings and all the tasks performed for the customer. Gathering key information in one place takes on particular significance when a new employee is to take over the service of a customer.

Historia kontaktu

People and colleagues

Osoby i współpracownicy

People and colleagues are a compendium of knowledge on contact persons of each customer - with all the data needed for quick contact with a given person.


Accounts - in combination with the uniLISA module – they constitute a valuable and comprehensive source of information on mutual settlements with your customers, which is available without the necessity to switch between applications. Use it to gain reliability in the eyes of customers


Commercial offers

Oferty handlowe

On the basis of Commercial offers sent to your customers and the Orders generated on their basis you will be able to quickly analyze the effectiveness of promotional and marketing campaigns. Thank to this you will collect knowledge which will be used to plan effective campaigns in the future.


The documents that you collect in uniCRM, such as signed contracts, protocols, delivery terms, etc., are assigned to specific customers. This database will make it possible for you to save your time and handle all enquiries easier.




The access to individual Price lists and discounts, assigned to your customers, will help you conduct negotiations and prepare commercial offers without fear that the negotiated terms and conditions will not be included in the offer.

Intelligent cooperation and integration

uniCRM is part of the uniPANEL e-business platform. This platform allows you to use other practical online tools – uniCMS for website creation, uniLISA for the analysis of data crucial for a company, and UniCOMMERCE for online store creation.

Inteligentna współpraca i integracja

Let’s start immediately

Customer service is key to your company's position in the market. Use a tool with which you can show your customers that you really listen to them, know their needs and make every effort to choose the best offers for them. Build good and long-lasting relationships to make your customers come back to you.

Click BUY NOW and order uniCRM system. The system will be implemented by our specialist and you will be receiving up-to-date information on the status of the order.



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