Easy creation and distribution of own courses, questionnaires and online guidebooks

Earn money using your knowledge and good ideas

The same course can be offered to thousands of customers

After a few years in a specific field of business you gain knowledge that might be of interest to others. However so far you have used the knowledge for your work only. It is time to make a change! Knowledge has a financial value – with uniLEARNING you can earn money.

uniLEARNING is an online tool for fast creation of e-learning courses. We made every effort to make it possible for you to maximize your chance for the development of infobusiness:

  • Knowledge is money.
    If so far you have sold products or offered services - now you can derive profits from your knowledge.
  • Create courses, polls and guides online.
    Read more – we will tell you how to use these materials to expand your business. Courses are sent by e-mail, so you can give them the form of texts, pictures or add links in them to, for example, videos on YouTube.
  • Sell courses automatically.
    uniLEARNING collects orders, generates invoices, and due to the function of automatic payments the system sends a course when the payment is made.
  • Intuitive usage.
    Do you use e-mail and office suite? Then you can easily prepare a course with the help of uniLEARNING.
  • Earn money for free courses
    It is also possible. Use uniLEARNING to create a course that will help you attract new customers.
  • Grow your business without limits.
    We do not limit the development of your business. You can create any number of courses and distribute them to any number of recipients.

How to make money from the knowledge you use every day?

People are willing to pay for knowledge. Today, when most of the information can be found on the Internet, online courses are the best way to make money using your knowledge and skills.

Get inspired by our ideas and see examples of the use of courses:

You sell tools.
You would like to instruct your customers on how to use them because you know that this will result in an increase of the sales of additional equipment and customers will be more willing to purchase full equipment for their workshop.

You have a clothes shop.
Create short styling course for your customers and encourage them to create their own sets. Use suggested clothes than can be bought at your shop.

You run a diet portal.
If you want to motivate users to use a healthy diet, send them every day a nutrition programme for the next day of the week.

You are a personal trainer.
You have created a great exercise plan for a flat stomach, and by selling a course via the Internet you can offer training materials to people outside your town.

You run a tourist centre.
You know that guests will be more willing to come to you, if you send them descriptions of attractions. Instead of a boring article, you create itineraries for the entire stay and send them to potential clients, encouraging them to come to you.

You invest in the stock market.
If you can effectively multiply the capital it means that your knowledge is valuable. You can create a course and teach others how to make practical investments.


you can connected to any website or online store

With courses you have many opportunities to earn money. Guides and tutorials that you create can bring you direct benefit or increase sales of other products and services in your company.

How to make money from paid and free courses?

uniLEARNING supports both paid and free courses.
Look how can they be used:

Paid courses

Paid courses – they let you earn directly by selling knowledge. Thanks to them you can offer online courses and lessons in any field. If you have not sold knowledge yet, then you can start selling your knowledge with uniLEARNING. If teaching is your profession use the chance to expand the range of your educational offer. Create a source of passive income

An online course is prepared once only but is sold many times. With the uniLEARNING options, the sale of lessons is fully automated.

The system has a built-in support for online payments for such operators as platnosci24.pl, Dotpay, PayPal. As a result, the system is ready to accept automatic payments from your customers. Upon recording the payment, the system will issue an invoice and send it as a PDF file to you and your customer. The system will also make the selected course available for your customer.

uniLEARNING sells your courses, regardless of where you are and what you do.

Free courses

Free courses – they support your business and sales of other products. Free courses can be used as:

  • an incentive to purchase other paid courses - e.g. courses of a higher level or of a related subject,
  • an advertisement of the products that you sell in your shop - in the form of a guide on how to use the product
    Imagine that you are selling mowers or plant protection products. How much would you pay for the possibility of unlimited sending of your advertisement to people interested in your products? And what you actually need is to create a free course on lawns and plants care. This is so-called cross-selling.
  • a method of building target mailing database -i.e. database of people interested in a particular subject
    Just add an entry in the terms and conditions, saying that anyone who enrolls for your course agrees to receive advertising content. This will allow you to build a valuable database of addresses. Many advertising agencies are willing to pay decent money for the opportunity to send advertisements to such a mailing database.

uniLEARNING - e-learning platform online

See how easy it is

uniLEARNING has been designed to make it possible even for users who have never used e-learning systems to easily create a high-quality e-mailing course.

The idea of the uniLEARNING system focuses on regular sending of subsequent courses to the e-mail address of the subscriber/customer. When creating a course you specify on your own:

  • how often and in what hours lessons are to be sent,
  • the length of one lesson,
  • the attachments that are to be included in the lesson (e.g. PDF files, graphic and audio files).

At the end of individual stages of the course you can create an online survey, by means of which participants will test their knowledge. Questionnaires can also be used to conduct surveys among students to get information on, for example, the degree of satisfaction with the course or the suggestions regarding the content of the course.

Use the automatic distribution of courses

Subscribers enroll in your course with the use of a form, which is included on your website or online store. Where do you get the form from? Using the list of courses just select those for which you want to create a form, and then click on the Generate widget code button. What you need to do now is to copy the code and add it to any website (e.g. uniCMS) or online store (e.g. UniCOMMERCE).

When users enroll in the course and pay for it, the system will start sending lessons to them.

Intelligent cooperation and integration

uniLEARNING is part of the uniPANEL e-business platform. This platform allows you to use other practical online tools – uniCMS for website creation and UniCOMMERCE for online store creation

These three tools are perfectly integrated with each other. As a result you can quickly develop online business – without any effort and without additional work of a programmer or IT specialist.

Let’s start immediately

Around the world, millions of people are making money from the sale of courses and support their business thanks to them. However... you can always pass your knowledge in a better and more interesting way! Get an additional source of income through courses sent by uniLEARNING and change your knowledge into money.

Click BUY NOW and order uniLEARNING system. The system will be implemented by our specialist and you will be receiving up-to-date information on the status of the order.



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