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Effective control and analysis of key indicators of effective e-business

Check out what affects your business most

and use this information to earn more

The information that you have available in your own company are priceless. If you collect and compare them you can effectively predict trends in sales, as well as set prices and assortment in such a way that customers want to buy from you. In order to exploit this potential you need a tool which gathers and analyzes sales data - uniLISA.

uniLISA is a business analysis system that facilitates key analyses of commercial and financial data in your company, such as settlements, invoices, orders, turnovers, price lists, the activity of sales representatives and branches. Thanks to UniLISA:

  • You check the results of your actions.
    With automatic mechanisms you get ready statements - just compare them and draw conclusions.
  • You know what determines company’s efficiency
    With clear information on which indicators are crucial to your business, you will easily create a strategy for your brand and control current operations.
  • You analyze profitability and cash flows.
    At any time you can see how strong is the market position of your company and any area of your business (e.g. a single store).
  • You forecast trends in sales.
    Thanks to forecasts you gain a competitive advantage. You shape the assortment of your company more accurately as well as you are planning better its market activities.
  • You forecast the states of sales in branch offices.
    This will help you avoid the situation in which a given branch is struggling with shortages of goods, or - on the contrary – has surplus, which cannot be sold easily.
  • You build stable relationships with business partners
    In addition to UniLISA, you can also use UniLISAShare. With this module you can exchange information among business partners.

How to use uniLISA’s analyzes

to empower the position of your company?

Check results and correct operations – this is how you can briefly specify the principle of operation of uniLISA. Depending on what kind of data you need, you can use complete reports or detailed data.

uniLISA does not require specialized knowledge on management, risk analysis and finances. Therefore you can use it in everyday activity, for example:

  • By analyzing the profitability of individual online stores belonging to you, you can tailor marketing to the specificity of each of these stores, set retail prices at an optimum level and predict which products should be particularly highlighted.

You can forecast sales trends for each group of goods separately as well as prepare periodic reports to compare the volume of sales in selected online stores or individual business partners.

Connect data

from many different places.

By using uniLISA you can collect and process data on the sales at uniCOMMERCE online stores as well as uniLEARNING platforms. Thanks to the integration of uniLISA with your accounting system you receive a full picture of the situation in a company - also when it comes to sales in the real market (e.g. at stationary stores).

UniLISA system will download and prepare properly segmented data for analysis – you need to just selected them.

The interchange of data is made possible by the uniLISA system for business messages Electronic Data Interchange in the XML format for the infinite standard. This technology makes it possible to interchange business transaction information between independent IT systems.

Intelligent cooperation and integration

uniLISA is part of the uniPANEL e-business platform. This platform allows you to use other practical online tools – uniCMS for website creation, uniLEARNING for the sales and distribution of online courses, and UniCOMMERCE for online store creation.

These three tools are perfectly integrated with each other. As a result you can quickly develop online business – without any effort and without additional work of a programmer or IT specialist.

Focus on transparency in B2B relationships

Reliable and accurate settlements make your business partners have more confidence in you, and you avoid costly mistakes and omission

With the optional uniLISAShare module you strengthen good business relationships with your business partners. You can make financial analyses available to them, as well as exchange information.

The flow of information is mutual and may include, among other things:

  • sales of individual goods and groups of goods as well as the relationships between them,
  • information about mutual settlements,
  • data needed for settlements,
  • data needed to calculate the most favorable rates or margins, etc.

This tool easily and quickly optimizes cooperation with suppliers and other business partners.

Get access to information via mobile devices

Mobile uniLISA allows you to view all analyzes and reports from anywhere in the world on your phone, smartphone or tablet. It is very important, especially if you travel a lot and often have meetings with business partners.

Gain full knowledge of the company situation today

You are the person who should know everything about your company. Get a tool that will help you check the effects of your actions and plan future strategy. With such data in hand, you can easily gain and keep a competitive advantage.

Click BUY NOW and order uniLISA system. The system will be implemented by our specialist and you will be receiving up-to-date information on the status of the order.



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